Sunday, October 26, 2008

London bridge is falling down

And Im waking up

From this dark slumber

In an even darker chamber

Forgive me, my love

I made love to a purple-haired devil

And he’s still clinging on to me

And he’s still swallowing my heart whole

The heart I thought I would give you

You caress me where he grasped

You kiss me where he bit

You whisper in the ear where he yelled

You love while he lusts

But still I go to him every night

And still I’ll go to him tonight

And let him break our London bridge

Our London bridge of summer evenings

Of maple leaves and long ramblings

Sugar-coated mellow mornings

And gentle love-making

Still I go to him every night

Still I’ll go to him tonight

And the rest of the nights

For the rest of my life

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