Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Platinum Hell

I was; on the doorstep of adolescence
And I cracked our crystal vase.
As I flipped the yellowed pages
Of some tear-blurred ancient novel,
Unread, disliked, thrust away
In some dark dusty corner
Of the shady bookshelf;
Did you feel my love?
When I in my cruel bitterness
Shoved you out, from my mind,
From my heart, finally from my memories…
The bitter mornings sat and drank the lees;
Drained its cup to the last wet drop,
Till there remained nothing left to lick
Other than the empty white cup-
The empty hollow shell
Of my life, once a hell-
My hell, of glittery nights, sleepless in my bed;
My hell of drowsy hangovers, of sarcastic rosy threats;
My dark shallow evenings, my throbbing head,
The voices unheard, the letters unread,
Of my platinum hell;
Beautiful life
I’ve seen thy golden face,
Tanned with smears of prussian blue
Unholy disgrace…
And again the silent night screams at me
To go back to the day
To the unkept promises
Made by me
Meant for me ,
Broken by me…
And slowly the tingling grows louder,
Till it’s a blast of icy fire
Painful orgasm
Of delicious moments…
My beautiful life,
Don’t make me suffer so
For this purple dream-
I promise I’ll pay back,
But I wont go back
This time …
I promise I’ll pay back

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LyssAbyss said...

u echoe my always....check out MY last poem....u'll understand it better than any1.