Monday, October 13, 2008

My Betrayal

As the night grows slimmer; in a distant land
Someone laughs
Someone drains the last drop
Someone takes the last puff
But nobody stops
For a lonesome memory...
Settled milestones away
So far from present
Still a part of it somehow
Stubborn memory
“Let go off me”
There’s no place
No place for you here
No shoulder for you to cry upon
No hand to wipe your salty tears
So fly away now
And don’t whisper in my ears
Don’t trickle out of my eyes and
Don’t pour down my cheeks
Don’t call my name now
Because I’m yet to forgive you
Don’t jerk me awake
From your betrayal
Don’t ask for forgiveness
Hating you is a part of me now
Don’t look at me with tear-laden eyes
Might not be able to stop this time
Don’t fold your hands before me now
It’s too late to go back
Back to the golden dream-house
Now just a pile of bricks
Some grains of sand
Few stone chips….
I’ve amputated your love
Don’t want the stain
Hating you is a part of me now
Hating you is a part of me now

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