Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Voices In My Head

L’s voice:

Someday I just wanna wake up in the morning, look at myself in the mirror and see perfection. Not the straight limp hair, not the love handles here and there, not the weird way my eyes seem to blink back from behind those thick lenses.

Someday I wanna have a writing spree. I wanna have a deluge of thoughts invading my mind and flowing out from my fingertips; and keep on writing from early dawn to past bedtime.

Someday I wanna step outside and not give a damn about others. I mean seriously not care; and not pull off that “i-actually-care-but-I’m-gonna-pretend-that-i-don’t-so-that-I-seem-cooler-to-you-so-that-you’ll-admire/lust/covet/love-me” attitude.

Someday i just wanna belong.

V’s voice:

Someday i wanna be the most beautiful creature there is on the planet, and invoke adoration bordering on obsession in the whole wide world. Kinda like in that movie “Perfume”.

Someday i wanna be the smartest person alive. Or dead. And all the treasures in the world be mine. Just mine; no sharing.

Someday i wanna rule the world.

T’s voice:

Someday i just wanna break from you two.

Someday i just wanna know what i actually want.

Someday i just want peace.

1 comment:

LyssAbyss said...

last night while talking to u...i totally wrote one of those 'one day this n one day that' poem in my cellph!!we're soulsisters!
newez,back to ur blog---respect!:)