Monday, May 25, 2009

In Remembrance

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[This one is to us, to the trio, to my days of running wild, with the two nuttiest, freakiest souls I know. One was the leopardess, the other a doe. And they made me into what I am today. They freed me from myself and from my fears. I love you guyz.]

Muffled giggles

Cream bun crumbs

Last bench scribbles

Playing the dunce

Dancing moods

Wayward ways

Oaths of sisterhood

Shoplifting days

Healing hearts

Late-night chats

Denim skirts

Stuck up brats

Classes skipped

Autumn songs

High school trip

Rights and wrongs

Random hugs

Fighting the fears

Fire and bugs

Smiles and tears

Partners in crime

Wishful sleepovers

One eternal time

“Sisters Forever”

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