Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colour me now, colour me pink

Colour me once and let it sink

Colour my smiles and my feminine wiles

Colour my giggles with the pink of your smiles

Colour me now, colour me red

Colour me some more until I've bled

Colour my pain, colour me sane

Colour my heart to beat once again

Colour me now, colour me blue

Colour me deep and let it be true

Colour my dreams and let them gleam

Colour my blues with the touch of your name

Colour me now, colour me white

Colour me soft and unleash me inside

Colour my quiet and make it bright

Colour my peace with a piece of your mind


LyssAbyss said...

Color me twilight and poo...u give me a pink fuzzy rascal orange pang!

Calypso said...

this one was for u... a lame juvenile attempt to show u all the colours that u bring to my life :)