Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I have come a full circle. And it feels damn good.
It's my Happy New Year
I have evolved. I know new words, new gaalis, new emotions.
I'm meaner, more melodramatic.
Still a perfectionist, though.
I sleep less, I eat more. ( Though I stopped gaining weight, so yayy!!)
I dress better. MUCH better!
I dance more. I sing in the shower.
I'm healthier now. I have fewer and fewer cravings for non-veg.
And even less, almost negligible, for booze
I have a real watch now.
Less friends now.
I've lost my virginity too. All of it. :D
I'm great now! Thank You, for asking!


Alcina said...

Surely a unusual post..
Congrats for so many changes and great you have lived happily through

Wild Strawberry! said...

I love this post, by heart...
n i'd come back to read it again n again.
n sometimes change is good...