Sunday, August 1, 2010

It’s friendship day. Supposedly. Everywhere I go people start calling out “Happy Friendship Day!!” in the falsely cheery voices of theirs that fools nobody. Do they really mean that? Does anyone of them really give a shit whether you have a good day or not? Why the fuck do the waste their energy and too. Why don't they just shut up n save me the trouble of looking up and acknowledging their silly bonhomie? Why does being nice matter so much to everyone?

And here I am. Sitting in my room all alone. Slowly cutting myself off from everybody I know. They ask me what’s wrong with me. “I’m alright.” A half-truth. You are the only thing that is remotely right about me.

God will do it again. Like he did 5 years back. Latch me along with a thread of hope. And then jerk it all away from me.

Where are you, when I need you? Come back soon. Show me how to smile again. Be the “alright” in my life again.

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LyssAbyss said... eerie reverberation of my own feelings that day!