Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is how it goes

Subarna: What!!
Pooja: :(
Subarna: WHAT!!!
Pooja: I want...
Subarna: Stop whining!
Pooja: I don't wanna stop whining
Subarna: Grow up!
Pooja: But I don't wanna grow up
Subarna: Ughh! Leave me alone!
Pooja: Give me what I want, and I will.
Subarna: What is it that you want?
Pooja: I dont know :(
Subarna: *pissed*
Pooja: Help me find out?
Subarna: NO!
Pooja: Please?!
Subarna: Leave me alone, you whiny, selfish little brat!
Pooja: Go to hell, you uptight bitch!


Rahat said...
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Calypso said...
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LyssAbyss said...

Bipolar I tell u...!