Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let’s, for a second, imagine that I’m not flimsy, that I mean things strongly enough for words to pop right into my head n roll out through my fingertips. Let’s all just imagine that we are all unhappy and emo. Now THAT would be strong wishful thinking on our part. Why can’t we govern what we become? Why did God have to make us so fucked up? We were deigned to be his best creation so far. Few of us were supposed to do a couple of experiments, bing-bang-boom, and have all the answers ready for the rest of the clan, who would use them against one another and slowly pave the way to self-destruction. That’s it. Our knowledge was supposed to be our nemesis, not our ignorance. We were to fight AGAINST each other; not WITHIN each other. For example the pathetic wannabe emo chick down the block, why can’t she be what she wants? (by the way, seriously, what DO emo chicks want, other than blood and gore? Or is that what Goths want?) Sigh! Wish life was that simple.

If we could all be what we wanted to be , then I’d wanna be

1. A writer

2. HOT!!!

3. Un-lazy(is that even a word?)

4. Stronger(bothways)

5. Nicer J

I’d be perfect then !!!

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