Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Epiphany

How can I give up on love? It defines who I am. I’m a nobody without it. I’m not talking about the person. I’m talking about the feeling. I got to believe in it. Even if it doesn’t exist in reality, it must exist for me.

I had a purpose these few days, when I tried to deny love out off my life. Or I thought I had a purpose. But just one text message and one dream was all it took to chuck it all in the bin. It all seems so silly and unbelievably insignificant now.

I can’t actually be falling out of love with you, if it takes so much effort. Why, I barely realized when I fell in love. The reverse can’t be so difficult. Or maybe the reverse doesn’t exist at all.

I was missing you. Then I got this idea from somewhere that it wasn’t you, I was just missing the whole concept of having someone with me all the time. And I made my peace with that one and tried my best to fill that gap. But there were so many hurdles. And the only person creating all those hurdles was just me. Sub-consciously I guess, I never could let go of you.

No matter how much I screw up, stay in my life. Please.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sure that you have done the right thing...right things are to be done as the law says..i'm sure i'm not the person in context here as well...i don't want to be either..but i'm also confident of the fact that he'll remain..whoever he is...not that i like him much though..wipe the pearls off your cheek has more to offer...and better things too..look up..good!...see?..the truth is right in front!!...sometimes it feels good to wade through shallow waters!