Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here's a thought

I resolve. Not to give enough time to a friend to cool down after a fight. You know why? ‘coz that’s probably like the biggest blunder you can make. Let him cool down, and his anger cools down with him. All the piss, all the hurt, all the pain cools down with him too. Cools down and solidifies to a huge rock-solid wall of grievances that even he doesn’t know exists. And you think both of your hearts can still connect over that wall? Well, think again; because they probably can’t even see each other. And that’s pretty much the end.
So that’s why I’m never gonna let “it” cool down. I’m gonna rage and storm and boil and steam it up to such a temperature that all the piss, all the hurt, all the pain just vaporizes and goes poof into the air. Forever. Never to come back again.
Yes. That’s a good plan.

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