Friday, April 24, 2009

Ode to My Moment

Beyond words, I was...

Beyond broken

Beyond numb.

I waited, as I hoped,

Just to succumb.

Pinch me, I prayed,

Pinch me and drag me out,

Out of this debris of memories-

From 10,000 leagues down.

My heart did weep,

It twisted and turned.

It stung so deep.

I did, I had learned.

As it unfurled-

What pain was;

Dark red and violent blue.

It seemed infinite.

But I did, I waited

For you..

All of a sudden now,

Light, I could see light

At the end of the cave.

Is that right?

Light, blinding my sight.

I’m left, stranded,

Standing all alone,

With neither pain nor bliss.

On my own.

Bliss will come,

With its own sweet pace.

But now as of its kingdom gone

Sweet pain, glorious pain.

Once more let it rain.

The pain is all I can think of,

This pain that I came to love.


-the silent assassin- said...
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-the silent assassin- said...

I dunno why I keep coming back and reading this poem over and over! :)

Calypso said...