Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby u r....

my sunny sky

my favorite high

my sweetest gift

my emotional lift

my best friend

until the end

my destination

my inspiration

my shining light

my day n night

my heart healer

my anger chiller

my pain reliever

my spring fever

my first love

my gift from above

my gem so rare

my answered prayer

my heart n soul

my life made whole

my morning sun

my evening fun

my energizer

my tranquilizer

my source of laughter

my everafter

my burning fire

my heart's desire

my soulmate

my true fate

my summer rain

my end of pain

my winter sunshine

till the end of time...I LOVE U

(Not an original....found it in a book...)


Lyssabyss said...

baby,he should see this!somehow...its beautiful in its simple honesty.

Calypso said...


shut up n write! said...

NICE !!!!!!

Calypso said...

guyz its not an original